what is binance crypto

by Dr. Rebecca Dibbert DVM Published 10 months ago Updated 8 months ago

What cryptocurrency can I trade at Binance US?

Dec 13, 2018 · Binance is a Chinese company, originally started in Shanghai and now based in Malta. Its founder, Changpeng Zhao, is the former CTO of OKCoin, another prominent Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. Zhao’s company, Beiji Technology, owns and operates Binance. In August 2017, shortly after launch, Binance announced that Yi He would join the team.

Is Binance a good company?

Jan 22, 2019 · Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2017. Its explosive growth is attributed to the combination of low trading fees and fast transactions. Binance also has its own token, Binance Coin (BNB). The name Binance is …

Is Binance a good exchange?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was created back in 2017. It allows you to have access to the crypto market. Think of it as the bank account of the crypto space. With a bank account, you can simply handle your funds. You can receive transfers, send money and even invest in different assets if you open an investment account.

How to Stake Your cryptocurrency on Binance?

BNB is the cryptocurrency coin that powers the Binance ecosystem. Find out the wide range of applications and benefits of one of the world's most popular utility tokens.


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Using The Binance Exchange

Binance does not support fiat currencies, so you can’t convert dollars, yen, pounds, euros, etc. on the exchange. (The name Binance is actually a c...

Binance Background & Team

Binance is a Chinese company, originally started in Shanghai and now based in Hong Kong. It’s founder, Changpeng Zhao, is the former CTO of OKCoin,...

What is Binance exchange?

What is the Binance Exchange? Binance is an extremely popular cryptocurrency exchange and token. Its success is fueled by speed, low fees, and sheer number of transactions. If a lot of people are using a platform, that means it’s easy to find buyers and sellers for the currency you’re after - known as liquidity.

Who is the CEO of Binance?

Changpeng Zhao and He-Yi co-founded Binance in 2017. Zhao is the current CEO and appeared on the cover of Forbes just a few short months after Binance was launched. After emigrating to Canada from China in the 1980’s, he put his computer science degree to use for the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Bloomberg. Then he went on to work for crypto companies ...

Is Binance a blockchain?

Binance has a lot of plans for the future. Blockchain – Binance announced it will be launching its own public blockchain in 2019. Dubbed the ‘Binance Chain’, it will be a platform for people to create new cryptocurrencies. Fiat to crypto – Binance is largely known as a crypto to crypto exchange.

Does Binance charge a fee?

For example, if you trade another cryptocurrency for bitcoin on the exchange, Binance will charge you a 0.1% trading fee. That’s how the company makes money. However, if you use Binance Coin to pay the fee, they will reward you by charging a lower fee. That has helped increase demand for the exchange’s own currency.

Which is better, Binance or

As you can see, Binance and both offer robust platforms for crypto traders. While enjoys an overall better reputation, Binance has made great strides to protect consumers' funds. And nobody can beat Binance when it comes to instant liquidity.

What is offers premium services to customers built on a foundation of compliance, privacy, and security. It's the first cryptocurrency in the world with OCI: DSS 3.2.1 Level 1 and CCSS Level 3 ISO27001:2013 compliance.

What are transaction fees in crypto?

After all, these fees directly determine how profitable your trading activities will prove. As you explore Binance and's platforms, pay attention to the long-term profitability of trading with them.

Is the platform secure?

The platform has faced security issues over the years. For example, hackers attempted to acquire and withdraw funds illegally from the platform in 2018. Fortunately, the platform's security system identified and stalled the hacker's efforts, saving its users' assets.

Do you have to pay fees for crypto?

Traders don't have to pay charges when they transfer earnings into a wallet. There's a caveat to this, though. This option is not offered for on-chain transactions. Remember, too, that there are other withdrawal fees attached to payments transacted to other crypto wallets.

Does have a debit card?

After all, the crypto market waits for no one. It's renowned for its high volatility, and if you're going to reap the benefits of its fast-changing nature, a platform must give you immediate access to your funds. provides its customers with a crypto debit card and wallet services.

Is Binance a good crypto exchange?

Binance is renowned for its high liquidity, providing a rich list of crypto pairs. In other words, you'll enjoy a wide array of trading options with Binance that aren't available with other exchanges. The platform has also gained momentum with traders.

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